Precinct Tracker
November 06, 2018 General Election
Precinct Tracker lets you know the status of voted ballots on Election Night after the polls close at 8 p.m. Precinct ballots need to be delivered to the election department, and then counted. Are ballots at the polls (Precinct Poll), or already in the count (Tallied)? This is our way of providing you with greater transparency and access to the election as it is happening.
Total Precincts:
Tallied Precincts - Ballots have been tabulated and have been included in the results, or will be included in the next results update.
Poll Precinct Locations:
121004 Mario Esquer Building Calexico
121005 Mains Elementary School Calexico
121006 W.Moreno Jr. High school Calexico
121010 Calexico Methodist Church Calexico
121012 Calexico Family Apartments Calexico
121014 Calexico Neighborhood House Hall Calexico
121016 Calexico Community Center Calexico
121017 Calexico Community Center Calexico
121018 Alejandro Rivera Sr. Apartments Calexico
121019 Camarena Library Calexico
121020 New Life Assembly Calexico
245205 Central Baptist Church El Centro
245214 Hedrick School El Centro
245215 El Centro City Hall El Centro
245217 Christ Community Church El Centro
245220 Christ Community Church El Centro
245224 Desert Gardens School El Centro
245226 Central Baptist Church El Centro
245228 De Anza School El Centro
247229 Central Baptist Church El Centro
247234 Corfman School El Centro
286213 Heber Community Center Heber
286232 Heber Elementary School Heber
345201 Mc Kinley School El Centro
345202 King Elementary School El Centro
345203 First Assembly of God El Centro
345223 First Assembly of God El Centro
365018 Imperial Baptist Church Imperial
365020 Imperial County Veterans Memorial Hall Imperial
365021 Imperial County Veterans Memorial Hall Imperial
365027 Valley Christian Church Imperial
385014 Imperial County Airport Imperial
389208 Seeley Elementary School Seeley
411102 Western Ave Baptist Church Brawley
411105 Brawley Public Library Brawley
411106 Lions Center Brawley
411107 Brawley Inn Brawley
411108 Gateway Church Brawley
411109 Brawley Senior Center Brawley
411136 Brawley Senior Center Brawley
432034 Calipatria City Hall Calipatria
474117 Westmorland Youth Hall Westmorland
482028 Grace Smith School Niland
483021 West Shores Senior Citizens Club Salton Sea
511127 Oakley School Brawley
511129 First Mexican Church Brawley
521042 Cesar Chavez Elementary School Calexico
545209 El Centro Community Center El Centro
545210 El Centro Community Center El Centro
547239 Calworks El Centro
554021 Holtville City Hall
554023 Holtville Middle School
584020 United Methodist Church
586008 San Pasqual USD Winterhaven
588260 Meadows Union School El Centro